HMP Give the Gift of Education

Support Education, Empower Communities

“Motho ke Motho ka Batho”

Your generosity can make a transformative impact on the lives of individuals and communities. By making a donation to the HM Pitje Foundation, you are directly supporting our mission to alleviate poverty through education and empowering those who need it most.

Areas of Focus

Feeding Scheme

Through our Feeding Scheme, we aim to alleviate hunger and promote the well-being of vulnerable individuals and communities. We go beyond simply distributing meals by ensuring that the food we provide is balanced, nutritious, and culturally appropriate. We work closely with nutritionists and community partners to develop menus that support healthy growth and development.

School Adoption Programme

The Foundation adopts schools in disadvantaged areas across South Africa. It Addresses school issues such as wellness, infrastructure development, literacy, remedial classes, libraries and training.


We are dedicated to promoting holistic wellness in the communities we serve. We understand that well-being is a vital component of personal growth and success. That’s why we strive to incorporate wellness initiatives into our educational development programs.

Our Sponsors

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